Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A cut above the rest. Vacheron Constatin Flame Diamond-Cut Watches

Vacheron Constantin Metiers d' Art Lady Kalla Flamme

Imagine a watch where every gem seems to shimmer and dance like hundreds of licking flames. No more do we need to rely on our imagination, Vacheron Constantin ,for the first time in horological history has utilized, the newest officially recognized diamond shape, the "flame" diamond cut, on a timepiece. This "flame" cut is the first new diamond cut to be recognized by the Gemological Institute of America in 20 years. Each gem is shaped like the flame, perfect in symmetry and proportion. The gem dances with its own inner spark as the light from outside refracts within its 57 facets. It is the shape of the gems that takes our breath away, the striking femininity and beauty, resulting in a timepiece that is the height of elegance.

The watch dial is also fashioned in the form of a flame like the 200 "flame cut" diamonds hugging the 18k white gold watch; 20 on the case, 60 in the dial and 120 on the bracelet totalling 36.5 karats. A 3.6 mm thick manually wound 1005 movement beats within the case.

The flaming watches are in celebration of Vacheron Constantin's thirtieth anniversary of Kallista Collection.

In 1979 by private commissions, Vacheron Constantin earned the distinction of most expensive jewellery wristwatch of their time. Vacheron Constantin unveiled the Kallista watch, designed by Raymond MORETTI. It was embellished with 118 emerald-cut diamonds adding up 130 carats which were mounted in yellow gold. This timepiece ushered in the Lady Kalla line

Some watches covered with diamonds are too much, but the "flame cut" diamonds turn the watch into an exciting and vibrant timepiece.

The Metiers d'art Haute Couture a Secret is another "flame cut" timepiece; however, at first glance one only sees a beautiful bracelet , after closer inspection one spies a tiny dial hidden between the flames.

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