Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Dreamy De Bethune DB025 Watch

As soon as I laid eyes on this magnificent watch by De Bethune's new DB025 line, the movie Avatar suddenly came to mind. Must be the incredible iridescent blue of the watch dial and powerful skeletonized watch hands sweeping across a celestial landscape. There is something so out worldly and vast about the dial like one is looking at the nights sky from a remote mountain top. Instantaneously ones attention is drawn to the moon representing the moon phase beneath the 12 'o'clock position. Encased in the hardened non-magnetic 44.6 mm steel case , available in 18k white or rose gold, the DB025 is a timepiece on the cutting edge of watch technology sporting a manual wound movement which requires no adjustment. In addition, De Bethune has implemented a silicon balance wheel which is a more resilient material. The watch has a 6 day power reserve with a power reserve indicator discretely placed at the side rear of the case.

De Bethune makes exclusive high end watches which are quite costly, but then again what price would you pay for a little bit of heaven.

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