Friday, December 10, 2010

A Really Safe Watch Winder!

Check out this Watch Winder/ Safe. For around $24,000 this tiny watch winder/ safe can be yours. The Döttling COLOSIMO Safe is fashioned after the early 20th century bank safes when James Colosimo , an Italian American mafia crime boss and bank robber, was ruling the streets of Chicago. It is quite an oxymoron to have a safe named after a thief.
The safe is not just a safe named after a mob boss, it is also a watch winder.
Watch Winders are quite useful when one has two or more automatic watches which require the constant motion of the wearers arm to wind the watch. Invented by the Luxury Watch Company, Perrelet, the automatic watch does not require regular winding of the crown, but has a semi-circular rotor disc which winds the watch with the swinging motion of the wearers wrist. Most mechanical watches nowadays are automatic. An automatic watch requires regular arm swinging motion to keep the watch movement operating; however, if not worn for a long period of time the watch will stop.
In addition, watches with complications such as the perpetual calender or moon phase take some time to readjust after the watch has stopped, thus for watch collectors a watch winder is a worthy investment.

The Colosimo as compact as it is, is a lovely gift for a person who has it all and is in need of something out of the ordinary which won't just take up space but will be useful too. My only concern is that the safe and not the contents may be the object of interest to a would be thief. What would early 20th century robber James Colosimo do? Would he try pick this cute little safe or would he simply pocket it?
Crafted with utmost perfection by the well known German safe maker Döttling, the Colosimo is a work of art.

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