Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hublot La Clu De Temps Stokes A Passion for Watches

Not too sure if your wristwatch interest has reached the level of outright passion. This may add a little fuel to your fire. Check out the new Watch Machine - The Hublot La Cle Due Temps Watch or the "Key of Time."
Part of Hublot's extremely high end division "Hublot Confrerie" this watch has an incredible mastery of time. In fact the Hublot la Cle Due temps can actually speed up or slow down time, as if to say, "Time waits for no one, aside for myself". Of course it is all in the perception of the wearer made possible by a ingenious mechanical movement of the timepiece. Then again, increments of time are man made and can be divided in any which way. The actual watch look is quite bold and slightly evil looking. The dial reminds me of an industrial stove top fashioned from wrought iron and the luminescence glows as if radioactive. But it is the shape of the dial that really interests me. It is fashioned like the coronal view of the brain. A vertical tourbillon is mounted on the watch case like a submarine propeller. The time is displayed on the upper left corner of the dial. On the left is a selector, which enables one to manipulate the passage of time by either speeding it up or slowing it down. The selection is made via a specialized crown on the left of the watch. One can always switch back to the correct passage of time. Below the selector is a 5 day power reserve displayed as an enigmatic green glow.
I find this idea of playing with time quite intriguing, after all the speed at which time passes us by is within the confines of our own personal experiences. If one is under water holding ones breath, one can only imagine how achingly slow time nudges by; then again if one is on a weekend getaway basking under the Caribbean sun, time rushes by and very soon one is scrambling back to work.
No! I have not forgotten about the green stuff. I do not know the exact chemical composition exuding the bright green glow, but it sure has great luminescence capabilities. Futuristic looking watches seem to ask for a green glow as in Concords C1 QuantumGravity Tourbillon

The Hublot La Clu De Temps shall be revealed next month.

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