Thursday, January 8, 2009

Watches worth a Dream!

To dream about owning a luxury watch or clock is not a new concept,although the reasons behind the wanting may have changed. In ancient times, the dream was to have an instrument that would keep track of time. Once that was done, the dream was to have a dependable precise infallible timepiece that would track time under harsh conditions. When that was achieved the dream was to have a personal timepiece that would portray ones sense of self. We have come a long way and its our wanting and our drive to create more beautiful and better time pieces. Every day another watch company unveils a heart stopping timepiece each a complete whole, each unique and each the stuff dreams are made of. Here are a few timepieces that have carved a spot in my memory to be willed to the forefront of my mind at any desired moment.

Roger Dubuis King Square Ladies' Tourbillon eludes to ballgowns and beautiful women. This watch has been awarded the ladies watch of the year by Salon Internacional Alta Relojera in Mexico. Although it has a definite whimsical nature to it, its clear bold shapes gives the sense that this women will not swoon at the slightest sign of trouble. This watch is in line with the large amount of Ladies Tourbillon watches that have been introduced into the market. With 13 rubies and 482 diamonds, this watch is a picture perfection creation. This watch reminds me of the movie, "The Matrix," and "Star Trek" all at the same time. It seems to resemble a futuristic spacecraft. The Hub Solo T Tourbillon and the Power reserve dial add to the look. Hublot however thinks it rather resembles cavier and has provided the watch with the title,"Black Cavier Bang." For One million Dollars it does not matter what it is called, it matters what it costs. Why so pricey? Well lets see. a) The hundreds of precision cut black diamonds totaling 34.5 total carats (322 on the case, 179 on the bezel, and 30 on the clasp). Now this is where the dreaming begins, this watch is limited to one piece. One will own the watch and all of us, well we will have to dream about it.
Bell & Ross BR01 Tourbillon Phantom with carbon fiber main plates and gold tourbillon carriage is a watch that may creep up in nightmares. The blackness of it is a bit terrifying, but awfully striking. Limited to 40 edition, keep dreaming.

Dreams do come true, you know. They did for the gentleman (in that old newspaper article above) who passed away before April 26, 1878 and they will work for you.


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