Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Corum Romvlvs Crafted like a Legend.

The Corum Romvlvs always reminds me of an ancient artifact uncovered in Rome. The watch gives much life to its namesake Romulus. It is said in Roman Methology, Romulus and Remus were twins born in 771 BC and founded Rome. Romulus served as Rome's first king. He slew his brother so that he could be the one to name Rome and rule the land. Romulus was a mighty king who added much territory to Rome.
The Corum Romvlvs is a luxury watch and one cannot help but notice the the power exuded by its stately countenance.
However, the absence of the hour markers on the dial happened quite by accident.
The year: 1958.
The place: The Basel Fair.
Corum's Objective: To demonstrate Corum's incredible quality, craftsmanship and unique creativity.
The atmosphere at Corum was tense, the dial hour markers ,that were supposed to be delivered earlier, had not yet arrived. A potential disaster was imminent, and Corum came up with a creative solution. If the dials had not arrived, the new models would have no dial hour markers. Instead the watches were fitted with plain gold dials.
In 1966, Corum left the dial blank, but engraved the hour markers on the bezel, a first in the world of horology, and the Corum Romvlvs was born.

At the Basel Fair of 1958, Corum demonstrated a quick thinking resilience and a disaster turned into a blessing in disguise. The Romvlvs was jolted into being by the frenzied quick thinking of Corum's creative minds.

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