Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tag Heuer adds diamonds to its Meridiist

Not quite a luxury watch, but it is truly a vision. I have blogged a couple times about the Tag Heuer Meridiist. The Meridiist mobile phone seemed to have caused quite a stir among phone and watch enthusiasts alike, especially since the Meridiist was the first phone made exclusively by a watch company. Ulysee Nardin followed suit with its intriguing cellphone.
Tag Heuer has now embedded diamonds in the Meridiist's sharp edges bringing chic to an entirely new level. This Meridiist Diamant will probably cost somewhere in the range of $15,000 to $30,000. The phone will be available in two glittering styles: The Meridiist Diamant adorned with 208 diamonds or a dazzling 1232 diamonds.

Placing glittering diamonds on modern technology is an interesting concept based on the sudden whims of those who have a few extra thousands to spare and who are not purchasing the phone as an investment. The Meridiist Diamant does make quite a spectacular gift from a gentleman to his lady friend.

The Meridiist Diamant is a fashion statement as cellphones are the latest part of our wardrobe. On the other hand I would much rather spend my money on a luxury watch and hang on to my Blackberry.

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