Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Investing In Luxury Watches.

Blancpain 2188F-3618-53 Leman Ivory Dial Leather Alligator Men's Automatic Troubillon Chronograph Flyback Watch

Collectible Luxury Watches from highly reputable watch manufacturers like Blancpain, Vacheron Constantin and Pateck Phillipe, are being regarded by collectors as a worthy investment. Due to the recession, the luxury watch market has been effected significantly. Swiss Luxury Watch Exports fell by 25% since February, especially for high end watches crafted from gold and platinum. Many companies have had to downsize their production. However, collectible watches play by a whole different set of rules, and this the collectible luxury watch market have more or less remained unchanged. New investors rethink their investment strategy's, after being hurt by the stock market, rushed to invest in a collectible luxury watches. Auction houses such as Antiquorium, Sothebys and Christies brought in 90 million francs with the auctioning off of luxury collectible timepieces.

The return on your investment, when it comes to collectible luxury watches, is by no means immediate ,like many solid investments one has to be in it for the long term. A collectible luxury watch, especially limited edition, increases in value as time goes on.
Many watch companies such as Vacheron Constantin, Corum, Audemars Piuget, Tag Heuer create collectibles by producing limited edition watches; linking watches to famous movie or sport stars; sponsoring companies, movies or sporting events; becoming official timekeepers.

If you are interested in purchasing a "collectible" timepiece there are a few things to keep in mind:
  • Make sure you purchase your timepiece from a reputable seller. Private sales need to be thoroughly researched including any papers regarding the timepiece.
  • Authenticity must be established.
  • Research the watches and watch companies. To become a collector requires some knowledge of watch companies and the watch industry.
  • Antique masterpieces; especially those with multiple complications such as tourbillons, sonneries, minute repeaters, moon phases and perpetual calenders can up the value of the timepiece significantly.
  • Watches belonging to historical people are also of great value, even in less than perfect condition.
Finally, investing in a collectible luxury watch provides one with the knowledge that they possess a slice of history, the mark of perfection and an instrument that tracks time, but is unaffected by it.
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