Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The New Omega Constellation Collection Gets a Starry Welcome.

The Omega Constellation Collection has been around for a while, but now Omega has given the collection a makeover with some starry help. Nicole Kidman, an Omega ambassador for the Constellation line, attended the Omega Constellation Timepiece event at the Omega Flagship Boutique in New York City, where she met with OMEGA CEO Stephen Urquhart. She donated her Omega Constellation to the "Ambassador Collection Series" of Autographed Watches.

Cindy Crawford, an Omega spokesperson since 1995, and a long time promoter of the Omega Constellation was in London with the OMEGA president Stephen Urquhart, to promote the new Constellation Collection. She visited the OMEGA Boutique at London Westfield, and autographed a box containing a new Constellation watch. The box and its contents were placed in a transparent safe which was locked and placed on display.

Later that evening, Stephen Urquhart and Cindy Crawford hosted an exclusive VIP party at The Almada, a member’s-only club in London’s Mayfair district, to celebrate the new Constellation line. Olympic Gold Medalists shared company with renowned actors and popular singers. The evening was accompanied by a tinge of excitement when it became known that the Constellation ,locked in a safe at the Westfield OMEGA Boutique, would soon be the property of one lucky guest. Guests were given a key in an Omega Constellation Pouch as they left the party. Only one key opened the safe autographed by Cindy Crawford.

The Constellation Timepiece is a stylishly elegant women's timepiece. The new collection has added a lot of dazzle and intense color. Diamonds glitter on the bezel which bares the signature Constellation claws. Diamonds mark the hours amidst a delicate falling satin pattern on the dial. The purple timepiece depicted here lusciously appeals to all senses; it seems to smell of violets; sound like the wind breezing through a chandelier; taste like moist grapes and feel like the brush of silk curtains on bare skin.

The watch is also available in pristine white. The price is still shrouded in mystery as are the constellations of the universe.

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