Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Many Hues of Armand Nicolet Luxury Watches

Armand Nicolet is a company deeply embedded in the Swiss tradition of luxury watch craftsmanship. Situated in Tramelan in the Burmese Jura, Armand Nicolet captivates the precision, craftsmanship and perfection of watchmaking that has occupied this region for centuries. Armand Nicolet's Women's Watches evoke a sense of whimsical fantasy. The dials shimmer with hundreds of gentle shades provided by the composition of the mother-of-pearl.
Queen Elizabeth gave mother-of-pearl its name in the 15th century. The use of mother-of-pearl has a long history. In the 1920's tombs of Sumerian Royalty from ancient Mesopotamia yielded a grand treasure of gold, silver, gemstones and wooden ornaments and musical instruments inlaid with mother-of-pearl. Mother-of-Pearl was used in many cultures for various reasons, but one cannot help but notice the iridescent beauty of this material. It is created by the bivalves (two-part) mollusk who secrete in in the event of injury or the invasion of foreign particles. The secretion is comprised of calcium carbonate (derivative mineral of Aragonite) and conchiolin (a binding protein). Mollusks cannot regulate their own temperature and are extremely vulnerable to changing environmental conditions.
Armand Nicolet's use of mother-of-pearl stems from a tradition spanning thousands of years, and the result is as intriguing and mesmerizing as the artifacts found from past civilizations. Each watch is crafted with care and precision thereby providing an end product of extreme quality. Powered by the motion of ones hand, these watches require no batteries. The skeletonized hand add a delicate touch to the dial.

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