Tuesday, November 10, 2009

U-Boat Luxury Watches from thousands of feet below to thousands of feet above.

So I am sure you are wondering what these two images have in common. Well the first image is just one of an amazing selection of watches crafted by the Italian Luxury Watch Company U-Boat. The watches looked familiar not because I recognized them, but because I recognized the rugged solid feel. The watches reminded me of beeping gauges, shrill sirens, soldiers urgent calls, and explosions. The watches are so set in their style These watches give me a sense of history. War History. Anyway I had no idea what a U-Boat was, so with a click of a mouse, I quickly discovered that it was a type of submarine the Germans had in World War I. U-Boat from the German word U-boot, which is a abbreviated form of Unterseeboot - Under sea boat i.e. Submarine. So now I have come to my second picture, the control room of a U-Boat. If you noticed on the far wall, there hang a couple of gauges, with a mounted face and thick bezel. The guage hands are stark and give a sharp contrast to the face so that they may be read with accuracy in times of imminent danger. Once I saw the gauges, I understood the U-Boat watches.

                                  U-Boat 45-AS-2 Classico Cream Dial Calf Leather with Steel Plate Men's Watch

Italo Fontano six U-Boat Collections, Flightdeck  ,Nightvision,Thousands of Feet,Classico ,Precious Metal and Eclipse, have become popular among countless celebrities. Tom Cruise,Sylvestor Stylone, Ralph Lauren, David Beckham, John Legend and the list goes on. U-Boat was started by Italo Fontana who was inspired by the work of his grandfather, Ilvo Fontana, who designed timepieces for the Italian navy. The company has only been around since the turn of the century (this century), the year 2000; however, it is forging ahead with its new historical designs and gaining a steady following.

U-Boat 55 CAB O Flight Deck Black Dial Calf Leather with Exclusive Aero Design Men's Automatic Chronograph Watch

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