Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Look at the new Cartier Roadster S Watch

I was so tempted to add S Class at the end of the new Cartier Roadster S. The name actually demands it like a pregnant pause, but of course the term "class" is distinctly reserved for automobiles, and although the Cartier Roadster is mighty machine, it doesn't exactly fit under the transportation category. In regard to the spanking new Cartier Roadster (I absolutely love the collection), the S stands for Sports. With the introduction of Roadster S, you will notice a couple of changes. Compare this watch with a typical Cartier Roadster and you will notice a couple differences.
a) The bullet shape crystal sapphire lens above the date has been scrapped in favor of a more simpler bullet shape indentation in the at the 3 'o'clock position.
b) The screws on the case have been removed creating a softer look. I must admit, with the removal of the screws, a certain rugged appeal is missing.

Still the Roadster S, is very much a Roadster with the iconic Roadster case shape, Roman Numerals, Unchanged Sword shaped dial hands and concentric dial markings on silvered Opaline white dial which reinforces the case shape. Two styles are available - stainless steel depicted above and a rubber and stainless steel combination. The latter model (inset) has a fresh young look combining traditional materials with a more modern take.
The Roadster S does have a certain mass appeal, which I am sure in the current economic uncertainty, mass appeal is just what Cartier wants. At a going rate of $4,600 for the steel version and $4,600 for the combo, this watch is much cheaper than the original Roadsters thereby enabling young aspiring individuals to own a watch worn by millionaires and noticed by all.

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