Thursday, October 6, 2011

Rado In White

Rado Ceramica White.
Rado has always evoked visions of black super hard ceramic watches.  The vision has faded, however, as Rado has added pure white watches to four of its collections.

Rado's collections in white come as no surprise, since white is the current color fashion trend. The white ceramic watches still uphold the same hardness, which makes Rado look brand new year after year after year.  In fact a person showed me his Rado watch he bought 30 years ago, and it still looked liked he had placed it on his wrist for the very first time.
Rado Inegral Jubilé
The Rado Ceramica White gives the appearance of ethereal elegant softness, however, do not be fooled, Rado's white watches are as hard and as resilient as its black counterparts. After all Rado is the company who in 1960, produced the first scratch proof watch: The Rado DiaStar.
Rado's modern version of the Rado DiaStar is the  Rado D-Star, which I must say looks incredible in white. The Rado D-Star is crafted from high-tech ceramics with 36 small diamonds on the dial. The watch has a fresh sporty look.  In fact the design of this watch  would look great in any color.
Rado D-Star
The Rado Centix Jubilee has a delicate elegance.  Its elegance is in its simplicity: A round smooth dial, long sweeping hands and a smooth uncluttered dial. 

Rado Centrix Jubile
Rado's focus has been on the hardness and scratch resistant quality of its watches.  In 1996 its Vision 1 Watch partly comprised of crushed diamonds made it into the Guinness Book of Records as the "Hardest Watch Ever".  Since then Rado has turned to cutting edge nanotechnology and its use of High Tech Diamond to produce its hardest watch - the V10K - which is today's world's hardest watch.
The watch name stands for 10,000 Vickers- the ultimate value of hardness- the standard set for natural diamonds.
Thus it is incredible, that a company who produces the worlds hardest watch can produce one of the most elegant white timepieces on the market today.  Rado's vision is truly a vision of today and tomorrow.
Purchase a Rado watch and purchase a lifelong companion which will live up to its integrity forever.

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