Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Ebel X-1 Xtremly Trendy

Ebel has come out with a seriously trendy watch collection.  The Ebel  X-1.  The design has a clunky sporty side with a distinct underlying elegance. I really like this collection of watches as they fit right into the current stylistic arena while still maintaining an ebel fluidity and sensuality so distinct in its beluga lines.
The mid-range ladies watches run from $2,500 to $7,900 price range based on gold content and diamonds.

Model# 1216117 Price: $4,900.00

The model depicted above is my favorite based on its rare color and rose gold accentuations.  The hue is the result of brushed and polished PVD-finished stainless steel. The silver galvanic dial adds a mysterious edgy charm beneath a scratch resistant sapphire crystal.  Sapphire Crystal is a must for mid-to upper range watches.  Lower Range watches like Michael Kors will have mineral crystal - not as hard as Sapphire Crystal and more prone to scratches.

Model#1216107 Price:$2,500
The women's  34mm brushed and polished stainless steel is a classy everyday watch with an elegant edge. At $2,500, this model is the most least expensive of the line; however still maintaining the exquisite representation of quality and worth.  As with the other models, the stainless steel model is water resistant to 100meters.   Click here for more info on water resistance.

Model#1216116 Price: $7,900
 At $7,900 this polished white ceramic and 18k rose gold case accentuated with a 15 diamond crown and a 48 diamond rose gold bezel is definitely the dressiest of the group.  The watch is a relished beauty suited for the most elegant of occasions and equipped for the week day wear. The movement, as all these models, are quartz.  A Quartz watch is powered by a battery and utilizes an electronic oscillator regulated by  quartz crystal.  As a result of the battery, a quartz watch requires no external energy source and thus requires little attention the actual mechanism of the timepiece.  About 90% of women's watches are quartz whereas about 60% of men's.  Obviously in the low range watches this percentage increases.  In the high range watches - where women's and men's watches run into the ten or hundred thousand mark, the percentage of quartz watches decrease; however more so for men's watches than women's watches. Whereas there is virtually no quartz watch in men's higher range watches, you still may find a couple women's watches, but as of late high-end watches for women are incorporating mechanical movements.

Mechanical movements require a constant outside source of energy provided by the swinging motion of ones arm triggering the movement of a rotor (mostly situated at the back of the watch - best material for this is tungsten), which winds the mainspring.  Watches powered this way are called automatic watches. The watch automatically winds by the swinging motion of ones arm. Manual mechanical watches require winding at the crown.    Increments of time are regulated by the precise motion of the balance wheel.
Mechanical watches require attention to the power reserve  of the timepiece, and can be somewhat of a hassle for a lady who has as many watches as shoes. If all her watches are mechanical and she does not utilize a watch winder, than more often than not her watches  have stopped calling for an exasperating excuse of lateness.
I suppose that is why many ladies watches are quartz.
As usual I went a bit off topic, but all in the name of horological education.

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