Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Skull by Romain Jerome and John Armleder

Romain Jerome John M Armleder Art-DNA watches (1 of 10 unique)

Romain Jerome collaborates with highly regarded Geneva born contemporary artist, John M Armleder in a series of ten unique  Art-DNA watches. Each watch crafted from polished steel will be presented in a unique colors.  The signature John M. Armleder skull, which he has used in countless creative backdrops - such as emblazoned on a mirror - now serves as a imposing image atop Romain Jerome's  hammered polished dial.
Manuel Emch, CEO of Romain Jerome since 2009, has a great appreciation for contemporary art.

John M. Armleder received his inspiration for the creation of the skull motif from the Amerindian culture.

Manuel Emch, the CEO of RJ-Romain Jerome, is a devoted collector of modern art,  and explained, "I have wanted to link my passions for contemporary art and watchmaking for some time now, and apply this idea of art as a unique item or limited edition to a watch ...for me it was important to work with a Swiss artist because of the company's origins, and my admiration for John M Armleder's work and his role as a model for young artists meant that I didn't have to look for long."

John M. Armleder is not simply an artist, rather an entire art philosophy.  Born in 1948, his skills cover a wide range of artistic representations such as performance artist, sculpture and painter. His philosophy focuses the fact that art in itself is a conduction of creative energy. He is renowned for his 1980's furniture sculptures , where furniture often in monochrome was juxtaposed with abstract art.  He is also associated with the Neo-Geo artistic movement of the 1980's.  A movement which is probably better described within the age of its occurrence - refer to The New York Times Article dated July 6th, 1987.

No doubt about it John Armleder is a constant example and role model of  avant garde creations and a wellspring of intriguingly unique perceptions of space. His creations are not isolated from the environment in which they exist, but command the space while embracing its unique geometry.

The case back is engraved with the signature of John Armleder and the Piece Unique. An alligator strap seals the deal with a price tag of $22,802 USD.

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