Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Avianne & Co. Draws Celebrities to Its Doors

How does a company attract a vast amount of celebrities?  By offering products of unparallelled uniqueness to those that have everything. Avianne & Co. creates one of a kind iced out jewelry and watches for high end clients.  Avianne & Co. creates pieces limited to but ONE.  While most jewerly companies deliver dazzle by the dozen, Avianne & Co. distinguishes itself by creating unique  pieces of diamond jewelry and watches specifically catering to the recommendations and requirements of the client. The service Avianne & Co. provides is quite rare in this day and age where quantity undermines quality.
Avianne & Co. Lil Wayne Diamond Encrusted Skateboard
 Of course this is by far not a new concept. In 1910 Cartier fashioned the Hope Diamond into a new setting  for its prosperous client, Evalyn Walsh McLean.  In the 1940's famous Mexican actress, Maria Felix strode into a Cartiers Boutique and ordered a necklace in the likeness of a crocodile (she loved crocodiles).  She ensured a realistic portrayal of her desire by withdrawing a genuine baby croc from her bag -  much to every ones utmost amazement. Companies also produce unique pieces for events such as the  "Only Watch Auction"  by Antiquorum Auctioneers held every year in Monaco to raise funds for  Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

On the other hand Avianne & Co. is ALWAYS committed to creating unique pieces for unique clients.  

Avianne & Co. is a relatively young jewelry company in the grand scheme of things.  The company originated in Brooklyn, NY in 2000 where the company's founders, Izzy Aranbaev , Joseph Aranbaev and Gabriel Jacobs grew up.  Starting out as a jewelry wholesale business, the young founders committed themselves to hard work and extreme focus in the business. No corners were cut when it came to precision, quality and individual customer care.  Very soon the team was recognized in celeb circles as the jewelry experts to consult when uniqueness must be met.  In just over a decade Avianne & Co. has become the most highly recognized source of singular high-end  diamond encrusted jewelry including playful pendants like Lil Wayne's $17,500 Custom Diamond Skateboard Pendant crafted in 18k white gold and micro-set with round cut diamonds.

Celebrities wanting to own a remarkable piece of Avianne & Co.  diamond encrusted jewelry include: Tom Cruise, Oprah Winfrey, Scarlett Johanson, Lindsay Lohan.  

Of course, Avianne & Co. does not limit its expertise to celebrities.  Avianne & Co. creates spectacular womans and mens diamond jewelry including diamond encrusted watches, diamond rings, diamond bracelets, diamond  necklaces, diamond pendants, bridal jewelry  and more.

CEO Boris Aranbaev ensures the vision of  Avianne & Co. does not waver, but exceeds expectation one individual masterpiece at a time.  

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