Monday, October 28, 2013

The Best Halloween Watch of All Time by Artya (of course)

Son of A Gun Collection (circa 2012)

Somethings amiss across the abyss within a castles turret. Strange grunting and mewling coldly caress the night as a chasm widens to a dreadful depth. Feathery figures float ,unhindered by earths force, across the only object set upon a charred desk within the room - a time teller of immeasurable precision. Beneath a brilliant moon and beyond a violet field of blooming wolfsbane, a rifle shot splinters the night. Rising in terrible crescendo, an unearthly howl fills hearts and minds of poor valley dwellers with frozen dread.  It is the teller of time that tells of  inconceivable atrocity as pools of blood coagulate beneath a sapphire crystal. 

The blood is Werewolf blood for:  

Even a man who is pure in heart
and says his prayers by night,
may become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms
and the autumn moon is bright.
(The Wolf Man 1941)

Upon the dial are two handmade sterling silver bullets required to kill the creature once it turned.  Kill it before it kills.   Forged and engraved beneath a full moon ,one night in Geneva, and rubbed in garlic for enhanced potency, the silver bullets still bare traces of werewolf blood smitten by Arta himself and encapsulated for eternity beneath the hands of time.   The unique piece is part of Artya's Son of a Gun Collection.  This Collection features timepieces baring bullets upon dial.

The Blood and Bullet Watch sends shivers down ones spine and an icy grip around ones heart. 

If one wonders how a watch could evoke such an emotional reaction , one must remember Artya watches are sculptures - works of art, and art is meant to create heightened emotional reactions.  However Artya watches are not only art, but highly competent timekeepers fueled by automatic mechanical movements.

It takes an enormous amount of creativity and confidence to create edgy watches with slashed bezels and toad skin bands; dials sporting the wings of dragonflies or the casings of bullets. Although  Artya watches display frightful and horrifying depictions, they exude an overriding sense of good taste.  The good taste stems from the obvious exceptional craftsmanship, confidence, creativity and experience. Yvan Arpa, the founder of Artya, gleaned his watchmaking knowledge and experience  from Sector No Limit, Hublot and Romaine Jerome.  However, experience is just time on the job. What Yvan Arpa is presenting to the watch world is so much more than mere experience, it is the sense of creative freedom, untethered from the bonds of convention.

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