Friday, February 20, 2009

Sotirio Bulgari Watch unveiled for Bvlgari 125th anniversary

Bvlgari is 125 years old, founded in 1884 in Rome. In celebration of this milestone, Bvlgari has released 125 limited edition watches honoring the brand's founder Sotirio Bulgari. Bvlgari Time S.A. is Bvlgari Swiss subsidiary dedicated to the Brand's Watch production.

The new limited edition Sotirio Bulgari Watch is available in either pink, yellow or white gold. The highly precise BVL 250 automatic mechanical movement is decorated with numerous polishes and finishes, and careful engravings on the gold rotor. The movement is approximately 3.73 mm thick and placed in a 42mm case. The rear of the case opens so that the stunning view of the decorated movement is visible. The front and the back of the watch is protected by a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.

The partially skeletonized aregente dial is a wonderful array of exquisite shapes. The hour markers are carefully hand applied. The gold hands are faceted adding to the splendour of the dial. Bvlgari timepiece is a exciting blend of long standing tradition and cutting edge design, bridging the past, present and future.

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