Thursday, February 19, 2009

Urwerk latest pet, the Tarantula Urwerk UR103T

On numerous occasions I have blogged about Urwerk. Complete out of the box thinkers, and I like that. I like that very much. The latest creation is a mesmerizing time display inspired by the Tarantuala. Changes have been made in this new black on black wristwatch. The titanium cross has been replaced by intrinsically new design crafted in ARCAP - a stable copper/nickel alloy. The hour satellites, a trademark of Urwerk, are cocooned within the ARCAP. This ensures the numbers on the hour satellites can only be viewed to display the current hour while passing the arc of minutes. Each satellite hidden from view is rotating simultaneously, preparing for their turn to display the time. The satellites performing a four-beat 480º rotation. As each satellite bears four hour markers, the satellite will turn 120º four times, from the time it leaves the arc until it returns to display the precise hour.

This configuration and movement is a total redesign of the previous Urwerk models making this timepiece a much coveted collectors item. Urwerk UR301T time display is three times the weight of a regular hands on a dial and this intricate precision was required in manufacturing the tiny components, as well as in the assembling, balancing and regulating the timepiece to achieve the precision required to attain the standard required to be deemed a Chronometer. A label only awarded by the C.O.S.C.

The four satellites are crafted in aluminium and mounted on their individual Geneva cross. The actual mechanism is suspended from the central orbital structure which is molded ARCAP 40, a cutting edge material that is light, non magnetic and corrosion resistant.
The minds behind the magic are Urwerk's watchmaker Felix Baumgartner and chief designer Martin Frei whose visions become reality, and their dedicated team.

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