Sunday, June 7, 2009

Another weird Watch Story and Water Resistance of a Watch.

It seems that watches are prone to weird stories. Maybe it is the abstract fleeting of time that prompts these stories or maybe watches just get into all kinds of trouble. At any rate I surfed upon a story about a fish and a watch under the "Weird story" category on AOL. I then went straight to the source of the story from The Garden Island. A newspaper reporting on events in Port Allen, Hawai and the surrounding areas.

A Kaua‘i resident spots a nenue, (a fish- Not familiar with a nenue myself. I am a watch person, not a fish person) , flailing near the shore and he grabs a stick , hits it a couple times till the fish is limp and hauls it in. The fish is fatter then a nenue fish should be and he dumps it in his cooler next to his frozen chicken. Next thing, his friend opens the cooler and discovers a gold watch laying near the fishes mouth, and ,believe it or not, the watch is still ticking.

Look likes a nice watch from the picture.

Fact or fiction, I don't know, but the watch was still ticking. This story is a good reminder to check the water resistance of your watch. Who knows maybe the gaskets are slightly worn away or pool chemicals have slightly hampered the effectiveness of the water resistance of your watch. Summer is upon us and additional watch care is crucial to the life of your watch. The quality of Water resistance decreases with time unless you service your watch every 2 to 3 years. Water Resistance is not permanent, and we want the watch to keep ticking well after it has been swallowed by a fish... and coughed up again.

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