Monday, June 15, 2009

Concord CEO jumps ship.

The CEO of Concord, Vincent Perriard, has resigned from Concord. He is now joining an entirely different kind of watch company ,TechnoMarine-a lower end; higher volume company. It will be interesting to see if Concord will continue its voyage through the galactical influences of watch design like the Quantum Gravity Tourbillon or turn back time and restore production of the iconic Concord Collections such as Delirium, La Scala and Saratoga.
The Quantom Gravity Tourbillon definitely has a place in time and space; however although the craftsmanship is outstanding and the design out of this world, I feel the watch is targeted specifically to die hard Star War fans. It is a watch I have blogged about with much interest and I was particularly entranced by the strange green goop that measured power reserve - Not a watch for everybody, but highly creative non the less. Click here to read more about the Quantum Gravity Tourbillon.
Although the new Concord Collections such as the C1's are awesome, I kind of missed the iconic Deliriums, prolific La Scala's and captivating Saratoga watches.

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