Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fall in Love with Zenith Queen of Love

Zenith Queen of Love White Dial Satin Over Leather Women's Automatic Chronograph, Power Reserve Indicator Watch

Zenith is all out passion, whether red hot passion or macho fuel burning passion, you always feel its heat exuding from a Zenith Timepiece. If you have trouble with my meaning, check out the Zenith Queen of Love, a timepiece unbridled by the constraints of conformity. A heart aperture enables one to view the exceptionally crafted automatic movement beneath the dial. The timepiece is available in red or in slightly subdued hues of rose gold and brown. The straps of both timepieces are satin over leather providing a dressy appearance to the overall look.

A power reserve indicator indicates the amount of power left to run the movement. The movement is automatic thereby being powered by the swinging motion of ones arm via an oscillating weight .

When not in use, a watch winder is always useful to keep the power spring wound. I personally like the Swiss Kubik brand. It is a Swiss brand designed for optimum watch winding. There are cheaper watch winders of inferior quality out there, but their winding movements may be too harsh, thereby actually damaging the movement rather than protecting it.

A Zenith Automatic Timepiece deserves a Swiss Kubik Watch Winder.

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