Friday, March 5, 2010

Swarovski Timepieces Keep Getting Better

Swarovski has infused its Octea Sports Collection with color, and I mean "Caution Road work ahead" color. Not that I did not like Swaroivski's white ladies sports Octea, but compared to this years Octea Sport Orange Watch, 2009 Collection looks quite subdued.
Okay lets get down to business, first and foremost lets not forget who Swarovski is. Swarovski dates back to 1895. Founded by Daniel Swarovski who completed a two year apprentice in his father's small factory, it went onto become one of the most revered crystal manufacturers of today. Then merge exceptional watch making techniques with over a century of crystal expertise and you have a unbelievable timepiece.
The Octea is exclusivly a women's collection, sporting a 39mm wide steel case rimmed with a rotating divers bezel containing Swarovski crystal. To expand on the diving image, the watch reminds me of clown fish hiding among sea anemone in a crystal clear coral reef.

Of course, the elegant swan logo is at the 12 'o'clock position and where as in past Octea models, she was silvery gray, now she is a vibrant orange. The Swan also occupies a prominent place in the crown as a cabochon. This Sporty Timepiece is powered by a Swiss Quartz movement and is available with an arresting orange strap or a metal bracelet.

The watch will run you between $800 or $900.

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