Friday, April 30, 2010

Breitling's Nigel Lamb Standing at 2nd in Red Bull Air Race

The Red Bull competition is in full flight. Competing are the greatest pilots flying with gut wrenching speed and mind blowing precision. Each pilot is individually timed, having to complete giddy ascents, tight turns and sharp dives through the pylon course , known as air gates. Breitling is the Official Timekeeper of Red Bull Air Race, timing the competition with definite precision. In addition, Breitling exhibits its colors with Nigel Lamb, a British pilot maneuvering his MX2.
Nigel Lamb has been with Breitling for over ten years creating the Breitling Air Racing team in 2005 as the partnership rose to the new challenge of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship. Born on a remote farm in Zimbabwe, on August 17th,1956, Nigel Lamb caught his passion for flying from his father an ex-RAF pilot.

He was just 11 years old when he first applied to the air force - and was ultimately excepted at 18. Lamb served in the air force for 6 years flying piston aircraft, helicopters and jets after which he became an Aerobatic pilot in UK. He stunned audiences around the world leading teams with a tremendous display of speed and agility. Lamb boasts major film affiliations being the aerial coordinator in movies such as " Hart's War, Dark Blue World" and "Waiting for Dublin". Loving competition, Lamb joined the Red Bull Air Race World Championships in 2005. His first and second year of competing, Nigel held 10th place, but he has been inching to the top year by year. In 2009, he grabbed 6th place.

Currently, after the first two flights held in Abu Dhabi and Perth, Nigel Lamb is in 2nd place, just 4 points behind Paul Bonhomme, former RAAF fighter pilot. It is proving to be an excruciating tight race with 2008 champion, Austrian Hannes Arch, rookie Australian Matt Hall and Canadian Pete Mcleod all tying just four points behind him. With 6 more races to go, one of which will be held for the first time, on June 19-20, over the Hudson River in NYC, it is still any one's race.
Nigel Lamb is well prepared for 2010, excelling on the difficult tracks and working tirelessly to mesh his flying skills with those of the MXS-R.
We may just see Breitling Flying Team Champions of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship.

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