Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rado Sintra Gets Some Color and Loses Face

Well, well, well what do we have here - it seems a whole new Rado look. Rado, the watch company that boasts the Guinness Book of Records for the hardest watch ever (1996, Vision 1 Watch), has unveiled its first ever skeletonized dial. Utilizing its iconic resilient watch material - specially formulated ceramic-Rado has given us a glimpse of what lies beneath. The ETA automatic movement comprises of gold-tone segments ,black bridges and a dash of red , thanks to synthetic ruby stones. A rotor in the shape of Rado's anchor logo is placed on the underside of the watch and rotates while one walks, thereby powering the watch.

Certified as a chronometer, you can rest assured that this movement has been subjected to rigorous testing under numerous adverse conditions, and by the time you strap it on your wrist, this watch will provide optimal performance and maximum resilience. Rado is releasing a limited quantity of only 111 Rado Skeleton Sintra Automatic Watches (not sure the significance of the quantity).

Rado watches look new for decades and have an excellent resale value

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