Thursday, April 29, 2010

If Only ... $3.5 Million Dollar Luxury Timepiece

Imagine (unless you actually have $3.5 million to spare on a watch) you could get mom a Piaget Emperador Temple Diamonds Watch. Imagine what she'd say. You'd have to tell her the 1200 plus diamonds are all real, and although, you don't really want to tell her how much you spent on it, you cannot help but drop a hint or two. At first she won't realize it is a watch, but rather a dazzling bracelet resembling a tiny glittering version of a terraced stepped pyramid topped by a large emerald cut stone.
But then you can show her how the top opens to reveal an elegant mother of pearl dial framed with a delicate string of superbly cut diamonds.
"Piaget," she will say softly as she gently runs her finger across the top of the dial. Mother will want to give you a hug,
"but there is more," you say, anxious to show her the magical movement beneath. Up till now you were standing, but now you sit next to her as she cradles Piaget's exquisite masterpiece in her hand. This time the entire top portion of the pyramid opens revealing a larger diamonds paved face with a one minute tourbillon and power reserve indicator .
"Two movements," she marvels as she opens and closes the watch.

You may have to stop imagining now as Piaget has only crafted one such watch, which has been sold.

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