Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hot or Not? Ball Trainmaster Celsius Watch.

Ball Trainmaster Celsius Watch Limited Edition: 310 pieces
It is the longest summer day here in the Northern Hemisphere, and if where I am its hot hot hot.  The sun baking the streets turning blacktop into shimmering hazes while people trudge sweat dripping down brow and back.  Yeah it's summer in the city, but you know how hot it is because you have a Ball Train master Celsius Watch. This watch, which was unveiled last year, is tribute to Anders Celsius, a Swedish astronomer, who proposed the Celsius thermometer scale in 1741.
The watch has two very cool (or should I say hot) aspects to this watch:
1.) The mechanical  thermometer module or "TMT" is patented by Ball and is located above the 6 'o' clock position.  It has an accuracy of 97%.
2) The watch utilizes Micro-tubes of 3H gas otherwise known as  Tritium (Tritium is the 3rd of Hydrogen's naturally occurring isotopes).  The micro tubes are  located on the hour, minute and second hand.  Tritium or H3 glows without the need for external light source and will glow for 25 years - double its half-life.  Most watches use Super-Luminova which require an external light source to glow. 
Click here for an in depth read on the difference between Tritium and Superluminova  

The 41mm stainless steel case houses an automatic movement with precision of a Train Master - and knowing the History of  the founding of Ball Watches - one must realize the vital importance of timing on the railway track. 

The Ball Trainmaster Celsius Watch is Limited to 310 pieces. 
Watch the Mercury Rise and Keep Hydrated!
Happy Summer Solstice!


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