Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Grammy Award Winning Pop Star's 15 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring by Avianne & Co.

Avianne & Co. brings dazzling dreams to life for Celebrities.  Fix your gaze on Grammy Award Winning Ciara's 15 Carat Custom-made diamond engagement ring. Future, Ciara's Rapper heartthrob, knew where to turn for a spectacular custom-made engagement ring - Avianne & Co. Leaving no stone unturned, he teamed up with Elliot, one of Avianne & Co.s highly talented custom jewelry designers, and created a ring of  extraordinary splendor.  Future and Elliot worked on the ring for 4 weeks giving much thought to the significance of detail. After many design molds, Future chose a setting which symbolized Ciara's past, present and "Future" while ensuring maximum gem stability and index of refraction - its shine.

In NYC, Future popped the question and  presented the Avianne & Co. Custom Engagement Ring to Ciara of "Body Part"  fame.   As with the ring, he gave much thought to the day: Ciara's  28th birthday.

A closer look at the ring reveals emerald cut diamonds expertly enhanced by round cut diamonds  nestling side by side in a  micro-pave setting.  A setting Avianne &  Co. has honed to perfection. The entire eternity style band is smothered in diamonds encircling Ciara's finger in a dazzling display of dancing lights.

For even closer inspection Avianne & Co. has provided an Exclusive video of Ciara's 15 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring. 

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