Tuesday, September 9, 2014

From Ikepod to Apple

Horizon by KAWS
Ikepod Company co- founder and owner, Marc Newson, is heading to Apple Inc as part of his  friend, Jony Ive's, design team. As Apple is gearing up to introduce the iPhone 6 there are rumors that Apple Inc. will branch out into serious wearable items.  With Marc Newson, famous for the design of the embryo chair, body jet packs, hourglass clocks, camera's, land, sea and air stuff, Apple is gearing up to not only compete with its competition, but obliterate them entirely. If Apple stocks were not at a all time high today, I would cram a couple into my portfolio.  For Apple and Marc Newson, this new venture is going to be good, really good.

Ikepod Hourglass Only Watch Auction 2011
Marc Newson designs often exhibit a streamlined almost fluid look as though the object is has a viscosity rather than solid dimensions.  I cannot wait to see what influence Marc Newson will have on Apple products.

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