Monday, July 28, 2008

Coming soon: Royal Oak Carbon Concept Tourbillon and Chronograph

Not yet available, a watch of the future. The near future. Audemars Piguet is always on the forfront of utilizing new materials. Now for the first time a concept watch where both the case and the movement is equiped with carbon. This exceptional timepiece ,along with the carbon, forged carbon and amorphous carbon is crafted with ceramics, titanium and eloxed aluminum making the watch both surprisingly light and sturdy. The display is another unique aspect of the watch featuring, a linear chronograph minute counter.
Material outline:
  • Forged Carbon ( a carbon fiber that has been placed within a mold, compressed at a high temperature under pressures over 300 kilos per cubic centimeter) is used for the case middle.
  • The Royal Oak signature bezel, push pieces and crown are ceramics.
  • The ring surrounding the case back is held in place by no less than eight screws and crafted from PVD blackened titanium.
  • The materials used to make the movement of the watch is equally unique: The main plate is carbon, the central bridge is green eloxed aluminium. The case back side, the bridges are black PVD in addition to the control and coupling levers. The two power reserve cones, the inserts displayed in the openworked zones at 6 and 12 'o' an amorphous carbon coating.
  • The tourbillon ,weighing in at just 0.45 grams and comprising of an astounding 70 parts , is exceptionally crafted from two-tone black PVD and steel finish.
Phew, now that was just a partial list of the materials, and I haven't even gotten to the complex rapid-rotation twin-barrel system.
In the end I think that this watches appeal will be in its mind bending aesthetics and it's cutting edge futuristic watch craftsmanship. A piece of the future able to fit in the palm of ones hand or, then again, on ones wrist.
The watch is not here yet, it is still on its journey, so that by the time it does surface, it is perfection.

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