Monday, July 21, 2008

A Collection of Rado

I have decided that I like Rado Watches. Their watches always push the edges in design; they are intriguing and free. Kind of “Let’s do it” attitude. Rado pioneered the use of materials such as Sapphire Crystal and ceramic. The slogans on Rado’s website are quite fitting to their watch designs: “There is no greater power than the imagination, of dreaming and then realizing ones dream.” and “If we can imagine it, we can make it, if we can make it, we will.” No I am not going to get all weepy eyed and sentimental over their watches, but WOW! What slogans to build a company. Their slogans fit their watches. I like that. I like that a lot. Imagine wearing a watch designed on a dream, an innovative dream. I love the power Rado has given to the imagination; they have no boundaries on watch design. No wonder. The imagination has no boundaries. Below are some of my favorites; the watches that could only have been crafted on imagination.

The Rado Cerix humors the naked eye with its angular strap. This watch is distinct. This is the watch that actually hooked me onto Rado.
This is my purple one - the Rado Lantano. Well I do not have one, but I wish I did. The color of this watch invigorates the mind. I love the simple, friendly dial sporting a solid plum dot. This watch will add the finishing touches to an evening dress.

Rado Blue fascination Watch.
Last but not least - the "Carpe Diem" Watch. Meaning "Seize the day". A phrase from the Roman poet Horace. This watch is a Limited Edition work of art.
 Van Halem

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