Friday, July 4, 2008

Think in the box.

Not so long ago, square watches took the back seat in the watch world. Round watches were seen as more versatile and classy, able to portray a sense of style and elegance more effectively than their square companions. Of late there has been a growing interest in square watches to the extent that watch manufacturers are using square cases to launch innovative and sporty designs. Watch collectors and buyers are now looking at square watches to add to their collection.

What could be squarer than the Bell & Ross Collection; my favorite of which is the BR01 cobalt blue. This electrifying watch transports you into the cockpit of a fighter jet with its black background and blue dials. This is perfect watch for one who wants to be at the top of the game, and a passion for flight.

Bell & Ross has torpedoed into the Square market with its square cased Black or White ceramic pieces some sparkling with diamonds.

Another watch I just love is the Formex: I Board Limited Edition. Formax is the creator of the active suspension watch. The ETA 7754, a legendary watch movement, powers the iBoard. The case is PVD coated steel, the Bezel is titanium and it has a ceramic crown at the 3 o’clock position. The 12 ‘o clock pushers are ceramic as well. This aggressive watch screams for action.

A watch that caught my eye is the Jaeger-LeCoutre: Reverso Squadra Chronograph GMT. The unique aspect about this watch is that you can turn the case 180 degrees to protect the crystal from potential damage. Jaeger-Le Coultre was one of the first watch brands to utilize materials such as rubber and carbon fiber in the design of their watchcases. The great thing about this watch, besides from the incredible movements, is the rubber strap. If you love sleek design and an empowering look, but want comfort as well, then this watch is for you.

I was just about to finish writing (its 4th of July – the barbecue needs a tending) when I spotted the Pierre Kunz: Metropolitan Tourbillon. My eyes were riveted to the incredible gold sandwich design case, and the flying one-minute tourbillon cut out at the six o’ clock position. This watch is graced with an impressive movement: A manually wound caliber PK 2102. The Metropolitan has no less than 20 jewels, running at 18,000 vibrations per hour. The dial opening allows one to view the carriage and the balance. The watch face is exquisitely hand decorated with bold edgy numbers. This watch is a true testament to Pierre Kanz’s place in the world of luxury watches.

If your collection is partial to round watches and you want to add some edge or you are looking for the perfect watch, think in the box. You may be very pleased with the outcome.

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