Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Rihanna "Takes a bow" with Piaget

Rihanna's video "Take A Bow" is continuing to gain international success. I just watched her song on YOU TUBE and to date the video has been viewed an amazing 14 million times. 14 million times. The music video does not begin with Riyanna's face but Riyanna's watch - a Piaget Polo 18 carat gold watch. A couple minutes into the video Riyanna looks at her Piaget watch, and sings "Now its time to go." The crystal clear image of the Piaget's watch fills up the screen for a good three seconds - an eternity in music videos.
Piaget's gold watch makes its mark in this video in what ,I think, is a very clever and striking marketing campaign by Piaget.

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  1. I love Rihanna! Look this incredible video!