Friday, September 5, 2008

Girard- Perregaux Vintage 1945

Girard-Perregaux is intertwined in the history of watches. Upon researching the history of watchmaking from the time ships wandered aimlessly on the ocean looking at the stars for direction and a sundial for time to complications such as a Tourbillon under three bridges, Gerard- Perregaux name kept coming up page after page. It is no wonder as Girard-Perregaux was founded in 1791. Girard Perregaux was held in high regard by the Queen of England, Victoria and by the courts in Europe. Two centuries later, in 1991 Girard-Perregaux, celebrated its 200 birthday. With over 200 years of watchmaking experience, precision and craftsmanship, Girard Perregaux is one of the watchmaking leaders of all times.

Girard-Perregaux has a wealth of unique designs, like the 1945 line, reintroduced in 1995. The Vintage 1945. The Vintage 1945 is recognizable by its sleek curved rectangular case and retro design. Another feature of this collection is a unique placement of the column wheel chronograph movement - beneath the dial rather than beneath the usual placement, under the rotor.
The Vintage 1945 collection encompasses Luxury Watches with many different complications, such as the minute repeater, turbillon, perpetual calender and chronograph.

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