Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Lone Dot at the 12 'o' clock. Movado.

Who knew a single gold dot could attain such a remarkable presence in the world of watches. The dot represents the sun shining at noon and for Movado and its gold dot the sun has never set. The Movado Museum Watch. Since 1960, Movado has redesigned the cases and bands and even colors of the gold dot and its face, but the unwavering dot whether concave or flat remains in place. A gold dot at the 3 'o'clock position would be perceived as wrong and a gold dot at the 6 'o'clock position would be turned facing the other way. The dot shall remain as Nathan George Horwitt had designed it in 1947, at the 12 'o'clock position.Movado Aprezi ladies watch in 14 karat gold.
Movado Artiko Ladies Watch. A dazzling tribute to the Movado style.

The Movado Bareleto Ladies Watch is a gorgeous piece of jewelry that tells the Movado time.
The Movado Dolca Ladies Watch with a mother-of-pearl dial is a perfect gift for mothers day. I know mothers day is ways away, but a watch like this does not have to wait till mothers day. The exquisite bracelet is in perfect harmony with the watch face and the gold dot.

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