Monday, August 24, 2009

New Innovative Watch Designs.

How about a watch that writes and looks good too? This new innovation ,the Helix, adds a twist to the pen watch concept. The Helix is worn around ones wrist and when writing is required, you have a pen . This is quite useful for those people who are always digging around for a pen.

The watch has a fun young look which is a great accessory and quite practical too. The digital time is displayed in vibrant pink or blue.


Endless Time has come up with a cool watch design. To me the watch looks like a twisted hospital bracelet, but it does have some pretty innovative features. The watch is comprised of semi-transparent plastic which can lay flat when taken off the wrist. Magnets concealed in the band allow the watch to fit comfortably around the wrist. The twist in the middle represents an hourglass which is an ancient technique of time display. In addition the twist divides the hour and the minutes. I can imagine the wearer searching the watch for some type of battery cover, but this is the great thing about this watch. There is no battery. No knobs. No buttons. No need to reset the time or change the batteries. The watch receives satellite signals and displays the current time according to the relevant time zone. The watch is powered by the kinetic energy as a result of the movement of ones arm. This watch will make a great gift.
  • DIESEL DZ9044
The Diesel DZ9044 is the perfect watch for the secretive. You must be wondering how the time is displayed. Is there tiny miniature fires that light up on the hour warming ones wrist? Does the watch emit beeping sounds? Do the hands suddenly appear suspended above the dial? No, none of these things which ,if I say so myself, are quite intriguing concepts. Before I divulge the secret of this watch, I will tell you some of the watches extraordinary capabilities. The watch displays four different time zones at once.
Yes! The four time zones are displayed on the sides of the watch case leaving the front of the watch blank creating a fresh new look.
  • WITness

This watch is supposed to represent the eye where the inner circle is the hours and outer the minutes. The eye of man is the first hand WITness to the passage of time and a watch merely is the second hand display. This timepiece serves to fuse the concepts and have the eye display the time. By pressing the side buttons for 2 seconds the watch will be powered up and the time will be displayed after that it will automatically return to a stand by mode thereby saving 35% of its LED power and thus conserving energy. The bracelet is quite flexible with a secure locking system.

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