Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Audemars Piguet spins a magical masterpiece.

Ever glance at something so beautiful, so arresting that your heart seems to leap out of your chest and your mouth drops in a gape of pure wonderment. Well that is what happened to me when I gazed at Audemars Piguet latest creation: the Audemars Piguet Millenary Calcedoine. I will go on to describe various aspects of the watch, but as per the Gestalt perspective, "the whole differs from the some of its parts" We cannot understand the magnificence of the watch when broken down into the description of its parts.

The price is high, but as Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel designer says, "I can be interested in a $20m diamond I will never buy, without desiring the diamond. If you want only things you can afford, it's boring too." The economy may be in a down turn, but can you imagine if companies like Audemars Piguet and Vacheron Constantin stop producing masterpieces what will the world be then? What would we admire and praise? No! These companies must continue producing beautiful masterpieces.

I love the numbers on the dial, they seem to be vanishing like Alice down the rabbit hole, providing the watch with a whimsical touch. Orbits of 395 brilliant-cut diamonds shimmer on 18K pink gold. The in-house Audemars Piguet Calibre 2861 manually wound tourbillon movement is visible both through the front and back.

The luxury watch has a Galuchat strap -Galuchat, refers to sharkskin or stingray skin named after Louis XV’s master leather artisan, Jean-Claude Galuchat, who introduced this exotic material to France during the 18th century.

To the left of the watch face lies the tourbillon. The tourbillon ,was invented in 1795 by French watchmaker Abraham-Louis ,to reduce the effect gravity has on a pocket watch. The effects of gravity on a wristwatch is questionable as well as the actual effect of gravity on a watch movement; however, the tourbillon has become a respected complication coveted for its aesthetic appeal, mesmerising spins and intricate craftsmanship.
If you have a pretty penny to spend and an ultra-luxury watch to buy, place your name on the waiting list and wait. A watch like this cannot be rushed.

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