Tuesday, August 11, 2009

An Omega Seamaster for the Ladies

One of the most popular watches, the Omega Seamaster now caters to the ladies. The Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Chronograph 600mm has a subtle softer look without removing its look of adventurous durability. The Planet Ocean dial has been scaled down from its 45.5mm wide to 37.5 mm wide to suit the smaller wrist of a women.

The watch is fitted with a helium escape valve which allows for maximum functionality needed by professional divers exploring great ocean depths for lengthy periods of time. In great depths divers often spend time in diving bells under pressure breathing a mixture of gases like trimax. This gas mixture contains helium. Helium molecules are tiny, the second smallest found in nature and are able to work their way around the gaskets and other seals and into the watch. This does not present a problem as long as the diver remains under pressure; however during resurfacing when decompression stops, a pressure difference builds up between the interior of the watch with the trapped helium and the environment. This pressure difference can cause the watch crystal to pop off. This is where the helium escape valve is required. The helium escape valve allows the extra helium molecules built up in the watch to escape and thus equalising the pressure between the watch interior and the environment.

The watch case is steel with a metal bracelet. The watch is resistant to 600 meters crafted specifically for divers. The chronograph pushers are available with either black or orange tips. In the orange versions the color is extended to parts of the rotating diver's bezel.

The watch has endured rigorous testing by the COSC and thus is a certified chronometer. The watch is powered by an Omega Co-Axial Calibre 3313 automatic mechanical movement.

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