Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Touch of Time.

Ten years ago Tissot pioneered a technological breakthrough in watchmaking: Tactile Timekeeping. During this time Tissot's Touch Collection has become increasingly popular with new innovative models . The watches integrate a touch screen crystal - the interactive cockpit of the timepiece which the capability of a large range of functions depending on the nature of the watch. The latest watch from Tissot is the Tissot SEA-Touch which is a high performance watch with a water resistance of up to 200 meters.
Just by lightly touching the innovative tactile crystal on any of the Tissot Touch Timepieces provides access to many useful functions specifically designed for a large range of customers:

Tissot T-Touch (Collection created in 1999)

Tissot T-Touch watches are stylish and expertly crafted. A large range of materials are utilized to provide the best look and superior resilience. Stainless Steel meets titanium or 18k gold or platinum. More sporty models include the combination of metal and black rubber or dynamic orange and white rubber. Black Carbon with mother-of-pearl dials prove Tissot's attention to style.
Tissot T-Tactile Silent-T Men's Watch Stainless Steel
The Tissot T-Touch Weather Watch displayed here has a host of functions including an Alarm, Altimeter, Chronograph, thermometer, barometer and meteo mode for weather trends. In addition the watch is super-lightweight with tactile scratch resistant sapphire crystal and a black carbon). With a light touch on the crystal above the required function, the superimposed hands move to that function and the requested information appears on the screen. Tissot T-Tactile Silent-T Men's Watch Stainless Steel

Tissot Touch Silen-T (Collection Created in 2003)
This watch is an example of cuting edge technology at its best. The Tissot Silen-T utilizes its Tissot tactile technology to provide timekeeping in the form of vibrations. This watch is perfect where one cannot obviously glance at ones watch, in the dark or if one is visually impaired. One simply touches the crown and then runs a finger clockwise around the crystal. The wearer then can feel the constant vibrations on the hour and intermittent vibrations for the minute. This is made possible by twelve raised indices on the bezel. A silent vibrating alarm can be activated and felt without ever having to look at the watch face.

Tissot Touch Navigator (Collection Created in 2004)

Tissot's idea for it's Navigator watch is not new, in 1853 Tissot had already designed a pocket watch capable of displaying multiple time zones. In 2004 Tissot created the Tissot Touch Navigator and then improved apon it with the Navigator 3000.

The Navigator 3000 is the perfect travel companion. Designed as a travel watch has the capability of a multitude of time zones. 150 programmed cities, and if your is not included, you can manually add your city. Incredibly the Tissot Navigator 3000 has only one button which activates the touch crystal. The Navigator 3000 can be operated in one of six languages: French English, German, Spanish and Portuguese. The advantage of this watch is the ability to track multiple time zones at once. This function is referred to as the T-World Function which tracks your home time zone as well as four additional time zones. You have the ability to change your reference time zones according to your travels. Other features include a Chronograph, Countdown timer, Two programmable alarms, Calender, LCD back light, 50 meters water resistance and the ability to go into an energy saving mode.

Tissot T- Touch Expert (Collection created in 2008)

This is a watch for the rugged adventurer who is will scour the wilderness far from civilization. The watch is quite large with water resistance up to 100 meters. New adventure orientated functions include altitude difference meter, two alarms, perpetual calender, count down timer and back lights. The models are available in a host of colors and styles with carbon, black and white dials cases and rubber or leather straps or titanium or steel bracelets.

Tissot SEA-Touch (Collection Created 2009)

Tissot's latest creation, the SEA-touch is turning quite a few heads. As a result of cutting edge patented technology the rubber-protected pushers double protection to enable maximum protection down to extreme depths of 200 meters. Tissot SEA-touch complies with all the European Norm EN13319 criteria required for divers accessories including luminosity, shock resistance, anti magnetism, band solidity and the integration of a time control device. Divers are able to know the time in two time zones, the depth of the current dive, digital chronograph, thermometer, alarm, perpetual calender date, compass and divers logbook. All activated by a light touch on the crystal. Even in the dark depths of deep sea diving, divers are still able to consult their Tissot SEA-Touch by extremely luminescent material as well as a strong back light.

Tissot T-Touch timepieces are remarkably versatile which enable those to be more informed and productive in their daily endeavours.

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