Thursday, September 24, 2009

A 31 Day Power Reserve.

Is there a luxury watch with a 31 day power reserve? Seeing is believing my friend. Yes there is most certainly a watch with a 31 Day Power Reserve. The A. Lange & Songe Lange 31 watch. To even contemplate such a feat seems only the stuff dreams are made of, but A. Lange & Songe has pushed the limits of watchmaking craftsmanship.
A. Lange & Songe is well known for its precision, and precision was the top priority when crafting this watch. The 744 hours power reserve, as apposed to the usual 45 hours or IWC's 168 hours, is split between two mainspring barrels, thus the power moving through the slowly unwinding springs needs to be perfectly consistent. Too slow would mean minutes loss and too fast would mean minutes gained, disastrous for any watch manufacturer.
The exceptional L034.1 movement achieves a constant force by utilizing a constant force escapement which regulates the torque from the mainspring as it powers the watch. To achieve this perfection, A. Lange & Sohne, spent years testing the finished movement to ensure its reliability over a long period of time.
The Lange 31 watch is delivered with a winding key, which must only be wound once a month. The impressive 31 day power reserve meter is displayed in grand opulence on the watch face. The Lange 31 is available in the rose gold face as depicted above, and in platinum which was released earlier.
This piece has truly impressed the horological community, as this watch embodies perfection. Perfection not from pot luck, but from a unrelenting dedication where less than perfect is out of the question. The years of energy, persistent engagement and ecxeptional expertise utilized to a craft a masterpiece such as this comes with a price. A price above $300,000.

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