Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The popular Manometro by Giuliano Mazzuoli

Giuliano Mazzuoli Manometro Men's Automatic Watch Stainless Steel Cream Dial on Black Rubber

The success behind Giuliano Mazzuoli:
What has a notebook, pen and wristwatch have in common? Why, Giuliano Mazzuoli of course. Born in 1947, Giuliano Mazzuoli has worked since the 1970s in the family firm created by his father in 1953 in Florence (Italy).
The company specializes in top of the line stationary especially known for its Stifflexible date book and Moke pen which is based on the shape of the famous Italian Expresso maker.

If you find yourself wandering through the gift shop of the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan, you will find Stifflexible MoMA Special Edition. These pocket agenda diary is in its eighth edition. Every year the designers for the museum change the cover with new graphics, colors, and materials which many people collect. To date the Stifflexibale Moma Special Edition is the best selling item in the gift shop.

But it is the Moka pen that hurled Giuliano Mazzuoli into the realm of horology. Back in 2003, Mazzuoli received an unexpected call from Lapo Elkann, heir to Agnelli dynasty and the marketing director for Fiat group. Elkann loved the Moka pen and would love to meet the creator. Mazzuoli and Elkann met, but as soon as he saw the first Manometro on Mazzuoli's wrist, the Moka pen was far from his mind. He loved the Manometro and shortly thereafter named Giuliano Mazzuoli the official watchmaker of Italian car manufacturer Alfa Romeo part of the Fiat Group. Mazzuoli owns vintage Alfa Romeo automobiles and is a frequent participant at the Mille Miglia, an Italian endurance race.
What drew Mr Elkann to the Manometro must have been the timepiece's unique sporty look reminiscent of a vintage sports car. The slightly sunk dial is rimmed by a shiny bold bezel like a car dial. The notches on the outer edges give the watch a sense of speed and adventure. The crown is placed above the 2 o' clock position.

THE MANOMETRO  is a watch for collectors and lovers of fine things.

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