Friday, September 18, 2009

Symbols of freedom: Breitling and Bentley

Breitling Bentley Mark VI Mens Automatic Watch Chronograph Stainless Steel Case Platinum Bezel

The B for Breitling and the B for Bentley, both have similar winged logos, and both strive for luxurious perfection. The wings are for the freedom whether by cruising down an open road or flying through the air. Breitling became the official supplier to the Royal Air Force, where Breitlings impeccable craftsmanship and exceptional endurance was tested in extreme atmospheric conditions. Bentley and Breitling have the hallmark of prestige and have earned the name of luxury and style.

Breitling has matched Bentley's elegance and class, and has attached Bentley's name to its timepieces to indicate superior quality and design.

The Breitling Bentley Mark IV is a watch with mysterious suave and subtle energy fit for the wrist of a well-dresses spy like say James Bond. In truth the car Bentley Mark IV, the car, was shown in "From Russia With Love", for the first and only time before its replacement by “The Bond Mobile.” The Mark IV is one of the few vehicles to be shown in James Bond movie not equipped with incredible contraptions. It did have a car phone though, something quite unique back in The only real novelty was a car phone, something unbelievable in 1963! A Bentley does not need the frills of gadgetry, it is what it is in all its iconic splendour fit for royalty.

The Breitling timepiece is an automatic chronometer. It is a mechanical watch powered by the gentle swinging motion of ones arm. In addition, the Breitling Bentley Mark IV is a certified chronometer which means the watch has been tested , by the COSC, according to stringent criteria based on ISO 3159 which defines a wrist chronometer with spring-balance oscillator. Only movements that meet the precision criteria are provided with an official chronometer certificate Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres. Don't confuse Chronograph with Chronometer these are two completely different aspects pertaining to a timepiece.

Breitling is an exceptional brand with superior standards and that is why all Breitling watches since 2000 are Certified Chronometers something not many brands can attest to.

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