Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Let Live
Now I have blogged about Toxic Watches. Toxic Watches whereby luminescence was achieved by painting radioactive Radium on watch dials. Those watches meant for the military caused great harm, suffering and even death to the girls who used their lips to point the brushes to paint the Radium dials. I have mentioned this story again, slightly out of context, to remind one of the great tragedy that befell the Glowing Girls as a result of the Deadly Dials - Click to read their story.

Now on a happier note I will return to the subject of the blog - Toxic Watches. Toxic Watches is an unconventional rebellious watch brand - by their own admission, meant for the rebellious; however it is their dark and gloomy subject matter that interests me. The watch depicted is from a collection name Area 51 - named after a Military Base steeped in secrecy and used to test experimental aircrafts and weapons. I have even heard whispers about UFO's. Not surprising this watch is crafted from gun metal. The dial is covered with mineral crystal not sapphire crystal which is more prone to scratches. The case is quite large at 51mm, but all in the non conforming spirit. Aside from the watch material, collection name and large size, this watch seems quite ordinary; however their are other Toxic Collections which do look a bit odd. (Odd in a good way.)

Creepy, this watch looks quite vampiric. One almost expects fangs to extend from its half face. The Collection has been named the Toxic Half Life. Half Life ... Mmm... must be some vampire connection. But then again the term "half life" is used in connection with the disposal of radioactive wastes from nuclear reactors and other activities of atomic energy research. A problem of nuclear waste disposal arises from the long half-life of the radioactive waste products and the toxicity of the chemical compounds in which the radioactive material is found. It seams this watch is quite popular and is sold for just under $100.00.
Thus another interesting name for a collection.

The next set of watches are eerily evil and reference the dark side of humanity where nightmares run rampant and blood runs cold. Brrrr!

Carpe Noctem - Seize the night. A slogan associated with the goth subculture, vampires and things that bump in the night. "Carpe Noctem" is a phrase derived from the original "Carpe Diem" Seize the day ( a line in an ode, written by the Latin poet, Horace. The ode itself is devoted to or centered on the passage of time) Although Horace did not mention Carpe Noctem one may infer a positive meaning to the phrase encompassing the idea of living life to the fullest and working into the night to complete the day's work.

Corum Skull Watch
The last watch - Growing Dead. The name of this timepiece lends itself to much discussion and thought, especially since the dial sports a flowered skull. The watches are low end, some retailing on sites for less than 50 bucks.  Of course if you want a luxury timepiece displaying skulls and roses, there is always Corum.

TOXIC Watches do break the barrier of conformity in subject matter and timepiece names; however the quartz movement seems quite ordinary.  An interesting addition to an interesting wardrobe.

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  1. I like the Area 51 watch...kind of reminds me of the Nixon 51-30 of my favorites of theirs. The other Toxic Watches are made for the younger set....not for a 54 year old!!