Friday, May 4, 2012

What Watch Would Mom Wish for... A Boucheron Hibiscus Tourbillon?

Mother's Day is approaching, and  I know you want to get mom the best of the best in luxury watches.  So if you have a pretty penny or not - dreams fuel productivity.
I have always said - "For Mom you can't go wrong with a Boucheron" (but lets keep my poetic abilities under wraps for now)
 Boucheron produces one of the finest collections in haute joaillerie luxury watches for women with exceptional movements. Boucheron is a company with a grand repertoire of breathtaking watches - many of them incorporating animal themes into the watch. Boucheron often partners up with other companies like MB & F and Girard-Perregaux to create timepieces which possess the allure of extraordinary movement in breathtaking settings. Boucheron often uses the vibrant cues from the animal world  to create bejeweled scenes in watches and jewelry.

Just in time for Spring, Boucheron introduces the mechanical hand wound Hibiscus Tourbillon -  a delicate representation of a hummingbird in mid-flap alighting upon a diamond encrusted bezel attracted by a bright pink hibiscus.  Between bird and flower, a flying tourbillon incorporating a Swiss escapement lever rotates beneath fallen leaves. A flying tourbillon is only supported on one side creating the illusion that it rotating whilst suspended in mid air -  unsupported by any means. A white - almost hazy mother-of-pearl dial -like a sky masked with high cirrus clouds, sets a gentle backdrop for a scene  created from white gold, blue and pink sapphires and diamonds. A dial framed by delicate plant like swirls is placed at the 1 'o'clock position.  A gentle reminder of  Boucheron's flagship boutique at number 26  place Vendôme.

A matching  blue karung strap secures the spring scene to the wrist.

  •   Karung is snake skin from a Karung or "wart" snake, elephant trunk snake or Java File  and is widely used for handbags and shoes. It lives in shallow tropical freshwater lagoons and streams in SE Asia. The snake is non-venomous and eats fish and eels. An adult Karung or Java file can reach 7-8 feet in length. It has loose skin and a flattened tail for swimming.

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