Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dials to Die For.

Okay I admit the title is a bit extreme, but some dials are seriously happening. I was at this place just hanging around, and a gleam of iridescent blue caught my eye, and no, I had all my wits about me. The general illumination of the place was a shade darker than I would have it, but not too dim. A huddle of deeply conversing individuals were gesticulating wildly about some stock or other. Trying not to appear too obvious, I hovered on the edge of the group hoping to catch another glimpse of that blue. For a brief terrible moment I feared my luck had run dry, but then a gentleman ,in tweeds no less, raised is glass in a toast of some sort exposing his timepiece. My heart galloping in my chest, I leaped forward and grabbed his wrist (on second thought I probably should have used a bit more discretion).
He turned, startled, "Can I help you," he said frowning.
"I must see your watch," I said,yet again without much thought or discretion.
He lifted the sleeve of his jacket exposing a ULYSSE NARDIN MAXI MARINE CHRONOMETER. I should have known from afar, as Ulysse Nardin makes the most captivating blue dials, the hue no other company has captured like Ulysse Nardin.

I ogled at it, possibly drooling as well. Faintly I could hear poignant coughs from the group. I had, after all, disrupted their hearty conversation; however, the gentleman in the tweeds seemed quite charmed with my obvious watch infatuation. At one point he began to undo the pin buckle, but thought against it.

"You like it, huh?", he said quite smugly.

I nodded.

"Well I like it too." and with that he rolled down his jacket sleeve and continued his conversation.

I stumbled to my friends who gawked at me open mouthed.
"Did you just do that?" the dearest of my friends said.
"Yeah, I think so." I said
"OMG! I could just die from embarrassment?" Elsie said (hence the blog title)
"We're going," they all said and we left. Me casting a hopeful glance in the direction of the conversing men hoping to get one final look at Ulysse Nardin's iridescent blue.

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