Monday, February 15, 2010

Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics Omega Time

Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010 have begun: the scrape of steel on ice, the cold sharp air surrounding Olympians striving to be the best, to outrun the competition and go home with the gold. Being precisely fast, utilizing technique, stamina, muscle and something beyond that- an awe inspiring focus and energy stemming as much from the mind as the body, making champions. Often times, split seconds differentiate a gold from a silver; a moment undetected by the naked eye or the common watch, but precisely recorded by the Olympic Timekeeping abilities of Omega.
Omega is the Official Timekeepers at the Olympic Games and has been since Los Angeles 1932 Olympic Games and the 1936 Olympic Winter Games in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, when a single Omega technician came to the games hauling 27 stopwatches. In the intervening years , from then till now, Omega's expertise in Olympic timekeeping has increased dramatically. At this years Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic games, Omega has 220 timekeeping professionals and engineers as well as 290 volunteers from the area. 250 tons of timekeeping equipment, on venue results and TV services culminating in the largest timekeeping effort in the history of winter sports.In commemoration of the Vancouver Olympics, Omega unveiled a Seamaster Professional 300m Vancouver 2010 Olympics Watch- limited edition of 2010 pieces. The bezel is red, the color of Canada's Maple leaf - the center of its flag. Aside from the looks, the timepiece is a certified chronometer , Caliber Omega 2500, equipped with Omega's renowned co-axial escapement technology. The watch sports a Helium escape valve and screw in crown which equips it for deep sea diving. The interior of the domed sapphire crystal is treated with anti-reflective, and coupled with the lume coated hand and hour markers ensure optimal readability even in environments of low visibility.

So, if by chance, you furrow your brow and wonder if in fact the American Bobsleigh Team was driving a more furious race than the Canadian Team, rest assured Omega has your back ,with its timekeeping excellence, and may the best man win.

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