Monday, February 22, 2010

Icelink Mood: A Bloodcurdling Watch Collection

Peering at this watch, or rather the watch peering at me sends uncomfortable chills up my spine. It certainly is an Icelink eery collection: Icelink Mood. The bezel is fashioned to accentuate its markings, framing a dial of sinister creativity. Icelink has incorporated an innovation from its 6Timezone Snow collection: IceFuel©. It inspiration is drawn from the City of Angels - Los AngelesHowever, aside from the dial, my enchantment is with the gems that flow smoothly across the dial in gentle rhythm with ones motions. The dial is filled with a dense liquid called IceFuel©. The actual composition of IceFuel© is kept a secret, which makes the watch all the more mystifying.

Icelink is a gem watch brand based in Geneva.

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