Monday, March 14, 2011

10 Reasons To Reject a Fake Watch

Everywhere one turns it seems fake watches are popping up everywhere. In 2009 the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie implemented an Anti-Counterfeiting Campaign raising awareness of the problem plaguing the luxury watch industry, yet despite all their efforts replica watch sales are on the rise.
I have my thoughts on the matter and I as a long time luxury watch blogger enthralled by the perfection of genuine watch masterpieces perceive these fakes as product mockeries.

Here are 10 reasons why you do not want to purchase or wear a fake watch:

1) The quality of a replica is inferior, thus a genuine watch will last a lifetime, while your poor quality inferior fake watch will break within a year - probably when you are in desperate need of its "dependability".
a) The water resistance stated on a fake watch cannot hold up to any standard. A 100 meter water resistancy on a fake watch is anyone's guess.
b) A fake watch does not go through any rigorous testing, thus any mention of a chronometer is entirely erroneous.
c) It is highly unlikely that the fake watch has a scratch resistant sapphire crystal.
d) The integrity of a chronograph or a moon phase on a fake watch must be called into question. Time is real time, and I would not measure mine by a fake.

2) A fake watch holds your reputation at stake. Imagine just for a moment that you are at a business meeting surrounded by reputable people who count on your sincerity. This is your big break ... and then as you stretch out your hand to make a monumental statement relating to your integrity - everyone spots your fake watch, and with this we arrive at item #3.

3) Everyone who is anyone can spot a fake watch. OOPS! I think you might have a bit of sheepish explaining to do.

4) Credible brand name watch companies spend years on research and development, as well as hours of craftsmanship. Spending money on fake mockeries reduces revenue for genuine watch companies.

5) Giving a fake watch as a gift, to your girlfriend ,for example, clearly holds your relationship in question. Would you want your loved one to think of your relationship a sham.

6) Now I am not suggesting that you empty your pockets, your bank account and max your credit cards, there are plenty credible luxury watch companies who sell watches at affordable prices, and there are companies like THE WATCHERY who sell genuine luxury watches at discounted prices. In fact sometimes the watch prices at THE WATCHERY are so low they are even lower than the replica watch prices.

7) A fake watch has detrimental effects (mayhap unconscious effects) on your sense of self-worth. Looking at the hour of every day on your fake watch reminds you of what you are and not what you can become. Why would you fake yourself with a fake watch.

8) Fake watch producers are engaged in illegal activity such as reproducing an exact watch company's copyrighted trademarked logo.

9)The fake watches are often manufactured using inferior materials which are most often not hypoallergenic and health and safety standards are disregarded. The watches are manufactured in regions where child labor is common place and the revenue fills the pockets of mafias, criminal organizations and terrorist groups.

10) A Fake Watch is not very good for our impression management - the way in which we want others to perceive us. Fake is never a good description in terms of personality and in terms of a watch. Do yourself a favor and BE REAL! The Watchery can help.

THE WATCHERY only sells 100% genuine watches. THE WATCHERY guarantees that every watch is authentic with serial numbers. We are the Real People Company.

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