Tuesday, May 10, 2011

An "L" For Ebel On its 100th Anniversary

On its 100th Anniversary, Ebel has unveiled the "L" Watch. The "L" watch design fuses the sleek modern lines of today and reintroduces the watch as a pendant - a fashion statement all the rage in the early 1900's and a logical feminine approach to the pocket watch.

The "L" watch is as versatile as it is chic, and can be worn in many ways.
One can wear the watch as a pendant about the neck ,provided one can get used to reading time upside down, or one can attach the watch to a bag as an accessory or hung from a hook. This watch is great for people with allergies who cannot wear a watch around the wrist or who never got the wristwatch feel.

The case is anthracite grey with high polished and satin-brushed finishing - attaining a look of pervasive elegance.

The original Ebel Logo holds a prominent position on the watches simply beautiful dial.

The "L" watch is presented on a stylish cord and is available in camel tones.

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