Monday, May 9, 2011

Oakley Judge II Collection Built Tough

Oakley Judge II Watches are built for sports. The polished stainless steel case resembles the blur of a fast moving car or the shimmering gleam of the sun on a race track. A boldly framed sub dial at the 6 'o'clock position displays a second time zone. At the 12 'o'clock position, above the signature O for Oakley, is the large clear cut date aperture. The black dial with a mirrored inner bezel and white border is protected by a scratch resistant sapphire crystal. The case back is screw down, which insures a 330 feet water resistance. A leather strap with contrast stitching and stainless steel link completes a rugged look for an adventurous sort. The watch is powered by a high quality Swiss Quartz movement and is quite affordable. Available at THE WATCHERY. for only $299 (59% off the MSRP)

Oakley History
Oakley is a company which sells a wide range of innovative high quality sports gear embodying the spirit of real sportsmen who are serious about sports and serious about what they needs to succeed. Oakley began in 1975, when Jim Jannard questioned the sports gear industry standards, and knew he could do better. With a mere $300 he opened up his company in a garage lab and started on his first innovation: A motorcycle hand grip with a specialized tread which provided more grip to a rider's closed hand. Motorcyclists loved this new innovation, as the material and tread actually increased grip with increased sweat.
Jim still struggled to make ends meet in this highly competitive market of sports gear, but for the next 17 years his next design became a staple in MX Racing: The O FRAME® MX GOGGLE
with lenses curved in the precise arc of a cylinder.
The frames were low profile and optimized fit, which increased peripheral and downward vision. The lenses were
optically pure Lexan® reducing glare and heightening vision clarity. These lenses were part of pros like Ricky Johnson, Jeff Ward, Mark Barnett and Johnny O’Mara success.
Jim's next step was to reinvent sunglasses for all sports, and he was ready to challenge the big companies. He developed EYESHADES®. Utilizing Unobtainium® from his motorcycle hand grips and the O Frame® from his previous goggle design, he ensured this pair of innovative eyeglasses would provide the wearer with excellent clarity, perfect fit and excellent peripheral vision. Great athletes like Greg LeMond, three time winner of the Tour de France, Scott Tinley, Mark Allen and Lance Armstrong all relied on the excellent performance of the EYESHADES®.

Oakley has introduced many innovative products and has received over 600 patents worldwide including the TIME BOMB® sports watch - which converts motion into electrons without the use of springs or batteries. Within a watch case crafted from X Metal®, ultra-lightweight titanium alloy, an Inertial Generator® uses an O Engine® to change multiple vectors of movement into electricity. The wristwatch never requires winding or a change of batteries as the Inertial Generator drives electromagnetic induction with the torque of a precision flywheel mechanism, the O Engine®. The mechanical coils and springs of conventional timepieces have been replaced with streams of electrons that saturate a Polyacen Lithium capacitor and resonates quartz at 32,768 cycles per second.

Oakley watches are extremely durable and reliable with a serious sense of sporting style.

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